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Qd3 / The Story
behind the Brand

We named ourselves after a chess move. A little odd, right? Well, it is not an ordinary move. It has a story.

Qd3 / Chess is a very human game.
Chess is a very human game.

Played in various forms for over 1500 years. With Kings and Queens and Pawns and Bishops… It is creative, artistic, inspiring, and at the same time also logical and very complex. Easy to learn but hard to master. Brilliant people spent lifetimes perfecting their and our play and understanding of it. There is a lot of humanity in chess. Playing games. Together. Competing. Outwitting each other. Foreseeing what might happen and planning to make the best out of arising opportunities. It is simply one of “the games”.

1997 was a groundbreaking year for chess. For the first time in history a machine defeated the reigning human World Champion in a series of games played under tournament conditions. Garry Kasparov, for many the best player to have ever played, lost. A loss of symbolical significance.
The machine - Deep Blue 2 - won because it brute forced its way to victory, processing huge amounts of data. Be not fooled. Analysis shows that the machine made some serious mistakes in the process. Nevertheless, it was clear. The machine won. The human lost. In a very human game. One of the most complex ones we had ever invented.
Qd3 / Machine reigns supreme.
Machine reigns supreme. Now more than ever. Increases in processing power and smarter and ultimately self-learning algorithms made the machine unbeatable. Even an ordinary chess engine on a mobile phone gives the best players more than just headaches. While our best players play, machines analyze and evaluate their moves. Machines know the answer. The correct move. The mystery is gone.
But there are some. Some of those moves that at least for a bit are able to stun the machine. Qd3 or Queen to D3 was one of them. Played in 2004. Game 8 of the World Chess Championship. Played by Peter Leko against Vladimir Kramnik. On move #25, Leko moved Queen to D3, forcing a win with a move that most engines didn’t see. An invisible move.
Qd3 / We celebrate this move
We celebrate this move because it tells a moral.
No matter in which system. No matter under which conditions. There is a human element that will find ways to surprise. Find ways to prevail and compete. We love that message and so we decided to name ourselves Qd3 - remembering this very human move.