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Updating your organization

Changing workspace conditions, technological progress and the scarce situation on the job market puts more and more pressure on the organizations to keep up. We are here to help you update your company to these constantly changing conditions and create more future-proof processes for the fluid times.

  • Cards
    Good Questions
    Read, reflect, let them sit for a while. These questions are for you. Because you need more good questions.
    You ask a lot. You have a lot of questions. Some turn into answers, others remain open. Some spark ideas while others provide clarity. We hope these will help you uncover answers, find yourself, and above all make you think and occasionally laugh.
    Scatter them all over places, throw them at your friends and colleagues.
  • Tool
    Selfie / The Skill Mapping and Improvement Tool
    We are building a tool. Meet Selfie. What does it solve? Important things.

    1. Know your team
    Your team is full of surprises and can pull off things you are not aware of. Selfie provides a regular close up of your team’s strengths and weaknesses. Allowing you to understand the possibilities and discover hidden talents. See where you want to be and where you are. Skill Portraits and Maps help you shed light upon those corners.

    2. Make Progress
    Progress motivates. Selfie helps you to help your colleagues. It shows where people want to improve in and highlights synergies and ways to do so. Improvement Desires paint a clear picture of what your team wants. Where improvement is wished for.

    3. Progress efficiently
    Selfie, over time, learns how your team improves. What works and what does not. What makes people more confident and motivates them to push forward. Individual Skill Paths make this organisational knowledge accessible for everyone.

    Give it a try. Make a Selfie.